Comberbach Mummers and Soulcakers

Comberbach Mummers were reformed in 1985. Based in the village of Comberbach we perform traditional 'folk' plays in and around the area. Our principal play is the Comberbach Soulcaking Play which is performed on the Eve of All Souls (31st October) and for nights during the next two weeks. Mumming should not be confused with amateur dramatics!

Other than the village's own Soulcaking Play we perform the following:

St. George and the Dragon: traditional mumming play featuring hero/villain combat and resurrection. A copy of this play can be found using the link above. Please feel free to use. All we ask is that you acknowledge the source!

The Derby Tup: A Derbyshire play, usually performed around Christmas, based on the song 'The Derby Tup'. It requires a minimum of four people and few props.

A Play for Peter: We commissioned this play a few years ago. It's a modern play which tells the story of salt in and around the village through history. It's a big, showy style of play with large props including a double headed giant. We have performed this play in the South of France at Salies de Bearne as part of their annual festival of salt. Quite an event!

The Wooing Play: This play is a variation of hero/villain death and resurrection set in a country village where the local farmer is recruited to go to war and when he returns finds his sweetheart married.  The twist is that it is the lass that is 'killed' and revived by a 'cockler' (cf. one who sells cockles - of course!).  The play features a baby of disputed fatherhood.  We tend to perform this play for weddings and wedding anniversaries.  The baby is dressed up to look like one of the people for whom we are performing.  One performance (wedding of one of the mummers) had the baby being a sheep - don't bother to ask - it's a long story!

Our motto is :

Never Knowingly Over-Rehearsed